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Eggs Baked in Chili Oil <br>with Dried Tomatoes and Oregano 

Eggs Baked in Chili Oil
with Dried Tomatoes and Oregano 

“As we wake up and find our place in the world and get ourselves in tune with the world for that day, all of these sensory things really help start that story of the day. That first whiff of coffee grinding. The smell of toast toasting in the toaster—that warm bread smell.”

Here is another tasty recipe from Gregory, and this time it’s warm and savory — just in time for the chillier mornings. Try experimenting with other herbs and spices for your eggs!

Amanda Michael

Recipe by

Gregory Gourdet

Chef and Author


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Serves 2

4 large eggs
2 teaspoons, olive oil
1 teaspoon, chili oil
Flake Salt
2 teaspoons, oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, chopped
6 slices, baguette
Italian parsley


oven mode


Ready in 15 min

  • Pour in olive oil and crack eggs into oven-safe ramekins.
  • Add sun-dried tomatoes, flake salt, and chili oil into the ramekins.
  • Heat at 400℉ on oven mode for 1.5 minutes, then add baguettes. Switch to sandwich bread mode and cook for 3.5 minutes more.
  • Garnish with oregano and Italian parsley.
Amanda Michael

Gregory Gourdet

Chef and Author

Gregory Gourdet most recently served as the Culinary Director for Departure Restaurant + Lounge, where he paired local ingredients with the bold flavors and traditions of Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea to create modern Asian fare. A James Beard Award nominee and native New Yorker, Gourdet honed his culinary skills within celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s restaurant dynasty. Gourdet’s global travels to understand other cultures is what drives his constantly evolving seasonal menus that are inspired by cooking methods and ingredients he has encountered during continuous trips to Asia, Europe and the Carribean. His first cookbook, Everyone's Table: Global Recipes for Modern Health and his first restaurant, Kann, a wood fired Haitian concept are both slated for 2021. 


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